Brr! Winter has arrived along with Holidog orders.

Snowy beagles

Wintery Idaho

What a surprise to wake up to a scene like this yesterday! Fortunately, our last guests for the 2009 season saw better weather than this a couple of weeks ago.
The big beagle is now hibernating & will awaken to greet overnight visitors in April.

Using wood scrap for heat, we’re warm & busy in our carving studio making holidogs for holiday orders.  A dozen airedales will be shipping to Florida next week. 

Ponderosa Pine Airedales

Chainsaw Carved Airedales

Beagles are going to the United Kingdom, Arizona, New York and who knows where else!  Saint Bernards,

Brass license tag & neckerchief included w/each carving

Handpainted Saint Bernard

Newfies, Labradors & Golden Retrievers will also be holiday gifts for dog lover’s in other locations.  And more orders keep arriving.

There’s still plenty of time to select that special dog for the holidays; small carvings take less than two weeks for us to create.  We have many different dog breeds completed & ready for immediate shipping.  Feel free to phone us for availability.

DogBarkPark studio carvings

Sampling of Dog Carvings

Left to right & top to bottom: scottie, westie, 2 springers, yellow lab, boston terrier, howling beagle, sheltie, chocolate lab, springer, sitting westie, begging scottie, german shephered, black lab, pug, schnauzer, jack russell, cocker spaniel, beagle, siberian husky, boxer, akita, rottweiler, boxer, dalmatian, schnauzer, boston terrier, sniffing beagle, labrador, standing beagle.  Many more breeds are available.  Visit our web gallery for photos and a complete listing of breeds.
We’re happy to send a carving directly to your gift recipient.  Gift certificates are another option for that special someone.