Embroidered logo apparel

Women's Yellow Short Sleeve Polo

Limited quantities & sizes of embroidered Dog Bark Park polos and t-shirts are now available for our on-line friends & customers.

Ladies Chocolate Brown Lands End cotton polo

The yellow & chocolate ladies polos are quality Lands End shirts.  Long-wearing & drape nicely.   Short sleeves. 

Unisex Sage Green T-shirts

The sage green short sleeve t-shirts are made by Beefy T.  Pre-shrunk heavy cotton.  Unisex sizing.

All shirts are $29 each which includes shipping in continental US.  These are not  shown in our website webstore.   To check availability of colors & sizes send us an e-mail or give us a call.

Happy to gift wrap & include a gift card at no additional charge.  Last date to order for Christmas delivery is Dec. 17.

Have a ‘beaglicious’ holiday season.

Jack Frost on Thanksgiving Eve

Frosty window

This was our view from our office this afternoon – a beautiful snowflake patterned frosted window.  Jack Frost nipping for certain with afternoon temperatures barely above zero and now tonight at zero or maybe less.

Outlook for tomorrow includes warmer temps than the last few days with more snow probable.  A lovely start to the holiday season.  Many of Idaho’s ski areas are now open or opening this weekend.

At Dog Bark Park the big dog is now closed for the winter & will re-open for overnight visitors next April.  Meanwhile holiday orders for our chainsaw carved wooden canines are keeping us plenty busy in the studio where the wood stove has been working overtime buring our scrap wood keeping us warm & happy these extra-cold days.

We have a good selection of small-size carvings in stock for quick shipping.  Also our Dog Bark Park mugs & selected sizes of t-shirts & ladies polos.  Phone for details/pricing.

We enjoyed making these two custom dogs (Akita & Beagle )that mailed out to the new families this week.   Customers usually send photos of their dogs for us to use as guides in painting the carving to look like their special pet.  And if photos aren’t available we often can work from descriptions of the dog’s markings.

Akita custom painted dog


Beagle custom painted

Aren’t these guys cute? 

We hope their new owners are pleased, too.
Enjoy Thanksgiving.  And if Jack Frost decorates your windows, enjoy the magical configurations & think of warmer days ahead!

Boxer and Beagle lovers last minute gift ideas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas & we have three unadopted large-size dog carvings available for very special gifts. 

Large standing Brindle Boxer ready to gift wrap & send

Call for availability of small-size carvings.

Large-size ones in stock for immediate shipping are:

Brindle Boxer standing pose, w/cropped ears. One only. Ships via UPS.

Beagle – standing pose.  One only. Ships via UPS. Small standing beagles also available.

Large-size Standing Beagle ready to Giftwrap & Send


Large & small-size Howling Beagles

Beagle – Howling pose. One only. Ships via UPS.  Small-size beagles also available, shipping Priority Mail.

Puppy Lover’s Poem

Waiting for visitors to come say hello

Golden puppy Sprocket

We just re-discovered this poem written by D. Lyman whose family stayed at Dog Bark Park two summer’s ago. Our puppy, now 10 months old and 75 pounds heavy looks mostly like a grown golden retriever, yet he’s still very much a puppy in spirit & has not tired of chasing butterflies or birds.

My Puppy

His gentle puppy breath, so warm and skunky sweet.
Paws that trip and stumble over everything they meet.
Liquid eyes, not quite focused, filled with purest trust.
And when he sleeps, sweet puppy dreams, legs that kick and thrust.

Sometimes he’s slow to understand, but he only wants to please.
It’s just his mind that wanders after everything he sees.
A bird or butterfly, each a strange and new delight.
And every blowing leaf is a challenge to a fight.

His body trembles with excitement each time I speak his name.
A harsh word from my mouth fills his heart with grief and shame.
Every moment I’m away is a lifetime in his mind.
A more selfless love, a truer friend, I will never find.

While writing this blog our puppy Sprocket has finished a favorite activity, shredding a cardboard box into tiny pieces scattering them throughout the house of course! Job completed, he’s now napping on the cool tile floor until some other enticing play opportunity catches his fancy.

Fall 2008 Newsletter

Inside this newsletter:
Summer Summary
Fall/Winter 2-Dog Discount
Fish Sculpture
Product Updates/Availability
Recipe – Idaho Potato Wafers

We’re glad to be in touch with you again. This is the time of year when trees give their leaves to the wind like beautifully whispered dreams. Time when Dennis & I gather those whispered dreams to weave (or carve!) them into new creations.

Summer Summary

As the days shorten and temperatures drop Sweet Willy enters hibernation. Echoes dance within his walls of all who made him their home for a night or more this year.

Dog Bark ParkThis was Sweet Willy’s best year ever. Visitors arrived from England, Scotland, Wales, Denmark, Germany, China, Japan, Kenya, France, Canada, and from all across America. He has also enjoyed many on-line visitors, like many of you, from nearly every country and corner of the world. We enjoy your inquiries, friendships and visits, hoping your travels will bring you to Idaho again or to Idaho for the very first time.

Both Sweet Willy & Toby (the smaller dog) received new ears this summer. After nearly 10 years, their original ones finally weathered beyond what grooming could restore. By the way, did you know their ears are fashioned from outdoor carpeting? And they move with the breezes.
Our ambassador puppy, Walter, celebrated his 1st birthday in September. Even before he fully learned what his job would entail at Dog Bark Park, it was obvious the work would suit his personality. In fact, he still greets visitors with a bit more voice and wiggles than we think befit a distinguished canine statesman. His enthusiasm is delightfully infectious, however.

Fall/Winter 2-Dog Discount

Jack Russell TerriersAs a thank you for contributing to our great year at Dog Bark Park, we’re offering our 1st ever 2-Dog Discount Program. Here’s how it works:

– Order any 2 small-size carvings,
– That ship together to the same US address.
– Receive a $10 discount on the pair.
– Order on-line ( http://www.dogbarkparkinn.com/giftshop/index.html ) at full-price. We’ll promptly refund the $10 electronically via PayPal. Or; phone, mail, or e-mail your order, taking the discount immediately. 208 962-3647. frances@dogbarkparkinn.com. Our mailing address is at the end of this newsletter.
– Optional bonus! Add FREE personalization. We’re happy to hand-paint names on the dogs to
give your carvings a personal touch.
– Offer expires December 31, 2008.

Returning SculptureFish Sculpture

Every year we add a new outside art object at Dog Bark Park. This summer, Dennis dusted off a salmon fish model he’d designed several years ago, multiplied it ten-fold, and oversaw the fabrication of his fish in steel. Installed on a pedestal near our studio the giant fish, entitled Returning, pays tribute to the majestic Pacific Salmon. The sculpture will slowly weather from the grey color shown here to a rich rusty brown.
Product Updates/Availability

Sweet Willy a Noble UndertakingThere’s still time for holiday orders. We have a good selection of small dog carvings in stock for immediate shipping. We’re glad to gift-wrap and send directly to your gift recipient. Don’t forget the 2-Dog Discount!

Some newsletters ago we mentioned our souvenir book, Sweet Willy, a Noble & Absurd Undertaking – the Story of Dog Bark Park. The initial printing has sold out. We’ve expanded and updated the 2nd edition. It also includes more photos plus our most requested recipe, yummy Rhubarb Brown Sugar Muffins. Contact us if interested to Shirts and Hats from Dog Bark Parkorder since the book is not on our website yet.
We also have a limited number of this year’s edition of Dog Bark Park embroidered long and short-sleeve t-shirts. Phone or e-mail for colors and sizes. We’ll include a bonus packet of six Dog Bark Park postcards (2 designs) with each shirt order.

Recipe – Idaho Potato Wafers

When the weather cools we tend to use the oven more at our house. And, with an abundant harvest of Yukon Golds from Dennis’ potato garden, I devised this easy recipe a few weeks ago.

Idaho Potato Wafers
2-3 medium/large potatoes, well scrubbed & sliced into ¼” slices
Canola or olive oil
Sea salt, paprika, grated Parmesan cheese (all optional)
Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.
Spread about 1 tablespoon oil on a four-sided baking tray. Arrange potato slices on tray, turning each slice over to coat both sides. Leave space between each slice. Sprinkle on salt, paprika, or cheese, if desired. Bake about 15-20 minutes until potato wafers reach desired crispness & are slightly browned. Remove & serve right away! Any leftovers make good snacks!


Sweet Willy will open for guests next April. Meanwhile, we, along with lively Walter, and old kitty Miss Tibbs, are busy in the studio. We’ll enjoy the quieter days of fall and winter, sufficiently warmed by summer’s memories and the wood stove. A year’s worth of studio scrap wood, stored just outside the door, will keep us comfortable all winter. It’s a good life indeed!

Drop in if you’re passing by. Or drop in on-line. We’re always glad to hear from you. Thanks for a wonderful year. Enjoy the season. And let dreams whisper to you as the leaves fall!