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We welcome your e-mails, calls, or correspondence.

Dennis J. Sullivan and Frances Conklin
Dog Bark Park/Inn Bed & Breakfast 

2421 Business Loop Hwy 95
Cottonwood, ID 83522

Phone: 208 962-3647 (Pacific Time)


Visit our Chainsaw Art Gift Shop

10 Responses

  1. Kyla – So sorry for the late response – just too much going on in December to be everywhere.
    Thanks for the info about your wonderful project(s).
    Will spread the word.
    Frances @ Dog Bark Park

  2. Do you allow dogs to stay at the B & B. We travel with our Basset Hound Willie and would like to come for a visit.

  3. Yes, Cathie, responsible dogs who arrive with their well-behaved humans are indeed welcome to stay. $10 addtl applies.
    We hope you will be planning a visit in the near future.

  4. If you e-mail, or give me a link to the Danish article, I believe I can translate it..

    It looks like you are doing well. I miss seeing you.

    Best wishes,

  5. Hi, im a 12 year old girl who is going to turn 13 on march 11,2011and well i was curious if u have any openings, if so my parents would be more then happy to give u guys a call.
    Also would it be a good place to have a birthday party.

  6. Hello-
    Hope you are enjoying being 13. We just retrieved your message & sorry for the delayed
    response. Our season for people staying in the dog was not open in early March. Hope
    you had a fantastic birthday party somewhere else. We’re open from around April 1st through
    the month of October for people to stay in the dog. Maybe you can come spend a night w/a
    special friend & your family at another time.
    Thanks for writing.

  7. Hi! My husband and I just purchased our first (of hopefully many) piece of chainsaw art. We selected a small, sitting golden retriever (in honor of our goldie dog Buddy – rescued farm dog from Kansas). We had just arrived at the Hawthorne in Missoula MT. We flew in from Chicago & our friends from Connecticut for a 10 day vacation in Yellowstone & Glacier NP with a side trip to Waterton in Canada. Displayed were several pieces of your chainsaw critters. Since it was our first day of a long vacation I decided that we’d only get the one, but I sighed because the bears and moose called out to me. I would have gotten a brown & white Eng. Springer, too, (in honor of our two, now deceased, springers – Poppy & Scout) if one had been there. We are home now and I’ve just visited your website for the first time. We have not been to Idaho yet and when we do I hope we will get to spend some time in the Big Dog if you have space available, but if not, at least get to stop by. Do you do foxes by any chance? Blessing to you, Diane

  8. can we bring dogs and how much would it be
    how long can we stay

  9. Kim – Yes, responsible dogs who arrive w/their well-behaved humans are welcome to stay. $10 addtl per dog applies. Advance reservations for humans & dogs are needed. Call us to discuss.

  10. Hi Diane –
    We obviously don’t checkin often enough to our blog site. Hope you’re still enjoying your wooden dog(s). We’re sorry to say we don’t do foxes; need to limit ourselves to the dogs & a now & then bear or moose!
    Hope Idaho will be in your travel sights one day. We’re 3.5 hours from Missoula is all.
    Enjoy the holiday season.

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