February 2012 Newsletter

10th Anniversary Newsletter

More than seven dog years have elapsed since our last newsletter. And we’re scratching our heads like frantic hounds trying to figure out where the time has gone! We certainly never intended for such a gap between newsletters & hope you will enjoy hearing from us now.

If you’re still with us on your screen, you’ve made us happy as a hound. We promise to make this a short read.

Dennis, Frances and SprocketWe are Dennis, Sprocket, big beagles Sweet Willy & Toby, and Frances.

10th BirthdayDog Bark Park View from Roof - Cottonwood Idaho

Speaking of dog years, this year is Sweet Willy’s 10th birthday.  That’s ten human years our big pet has been entertaining overnight visitors to Idaho’s most unique lodging.  It has been our extreme pleasure to share him with all of you who have found your way here.  Were it not for Sweet Willy, we likely would not have met or enjoyed visiting with you & your travel companions!

Bed and Breakfast in the Big DogPictour’

We’ve coined a new word – pictour!  Travel our brief ‘pictour’ of what’s new & what’s maybe not so new, along with some of our Dog Bark Park favorites.

We caught this sunset last June.  Until living in the West, we never believed skies could really be the sunset colors painted by Charlie Russell.Big Red Fire Hydrant at Dog Bark Park

A big dog needs a big red fire hydrant!  This one serves double duty as a restroom for summer travelers.

Fish Sculpture at Dog Bark Park

Made of steel, Dennis designed this 12-ft sculpture to memorialize the importance of anadromous fish in the waters around which we live.  Visitors to our studio can see Dennis’
wGiant Coffee Pot Percolator - Commemorating Corningware.ood scale model that was the inspiration for the sculpture.

By the time Dennis completed the fire hydrant he was hooked on making pop art big things using stucco.  A giant percolator was the next big thing project, which soon will house a tiny coffee pot museum.

Reminiscent of the wooden alphabet blocks of Blocks at Dog Bark Parkyesteryear, these four-ft square blocks weigh hundreds of pounds each & are unlikely to be rearranged to spell other words!

To answer the oft-asked question of who made the giant d-o-g blocks, we supplied evidence that a block master lives on the premises by making his house!  BlockmastersSometimes Mr. Blockmaster is seen with works in progress on his lap or scattered about near his feet.

DiaphanousWe’re also often asked where our creative ideas come from. And often we are not able to exactly say.  Although math, science, logic & such are often processes in the making of art, creativity is not a straight-flowing front-of-mind process.  The origins of Diaphanous, however, are very clear.  The roof of this pedestrian entryway to Dog Bark Park was a design Dennis discovered half a lifetime ago when working out a roofing problem for a construction job. From time to time over the ensuing decades he would revisit the design until finally the opportunity to build it at Dog Bark Park came in Truck Crossinglate 2010.

Inspiration for last fall’s project came from Dennis’ 1977 Ford F150 pickup.Winter arrived before the wheels, tires & other detailing were done, yet we did get proper signage installed!

TruckThis newsletter highlights only some of the big things in our outdoor art garden.  Ideas are always circulating for more.  Stay tuned to learn what’s next, or stop by to see for yourself.



Other News

National and international publicity continues.  Recent highlights have included the Travel Channel, MTV, ABC News, and CBS Early Show.  Media articles this last year have appeared in Norway, Italy, Germany, Poland, Brazil, England, Hong Kong, Turkey, Canada, Japan, Austria, Spain, France, Australia, The Netherlands, and probably others we don’t recall at the moment!

Frances will be completing her six-year term for the Idaho Division of Tourism Travel Council advisory board this year.  Traveling throughout Idaho for meetings has been wonderfully beneficial for Dennis & me to better serve our guests with personal recommendations for places and things to do in Idaho.  By the way, Idaho’s best & official on-line source for travel info is www.visitidaho.org.

Sprocket, the furriest golden retriever we’ve owned, is now full-grown and serves admirably as Dog Bark Park ambassador. He enjoys everyone and everything, including long walks, play, & sleep at day’s end!

Anniversary Announcement

We’ll be celebrating Sweet Willy’s 10th birthday with surprises and specials throughout the year.  We hope you’ll join the party by looking for announcements as they appear on our website, blog, Face Book, Twitter & Linked In connections.

We appreciate your interest in Dog Bark Park.  Be in touch; we always appreciate your feedback and ideas.   Keep on barkin’!!!
Dennis and FrancesDog Bark Park Inn

Dennis J Sullivan & Frances Conklin        2421 Business Hwy 95 at the Dog,  Cottonwood , ID 83522

Dog Bark Park Inn – Bed and Breakfast and World’s Biggest BeagleWhere being in the dog-house is a GOOD thing!Visit our website: http://www.dogbarkparkinn.com

Email: frances@dogbarkparkinn.com
For Reservations 208-962-3647

Spring 2010 Newsletter

In this newsletter:

This is our 1st newsletter for 2010 – our lucky 13th year! Thank you for your business and referrals that have been key to our longevity. Our kennel of friends would not continue to grow without you.

We never tire of carving the wooden dogs that have been the mainstay of our business for longer than the 13 years we’ve been at Dog Bark Park. Nor do we weary of meeting visitors and guests to the big dog that has brought us a bit of world-wide fame – Dog Bark Park Inn Bed & Breakfast.

About the Big Dog & Pricing

Apple Sauce MuffinsSweet Willy welcomes his first 2010 overnight guests in early April. Hard to believe this is the big dog’s 8th season!

Reservations are coming in at a good pace. Happily, more people stay every year. So far this year our bookings include several international visitors, some interesting small groups, and families from across the country.

Unlike the price of gas or cost for a bag of dog food, our rates will not change for the 4th year running. Be assured our amenities remain the same; our fresh and home-prepared breakfast & snack selections are as plentiful as ever. Only things we have cut are the dog’s toe nails & our hair!

Gift ShopSpring Activities

 With Spring arriving early this year, we’re busily sprucing things up both indoors and out. A new patio floor for the giftshop entry is underway. We’ve re-painted and re-arranged the giftshop/office, adding some new products as well, like the cutest artisan-crafted glycerin bath soaps decoratively embedded with dog portraits! In the big beagle, Sweet Willy has received a thorough grooming with some new touches added as well.

Video Tour

Please join us for a 3-minute visit complements of the Purina Company. Last November, a videographer on assignment for Purina visited with us on the snowest day of winter. To view the video click here. Nearly 48,000 people have viewed it already, making it one of Purina’s most successful video clips.

Great Idaho Getaway

Ever wondered what Idaho looks like? Or what there is to do in Idaho? Here’s an entertaining 30-minute mini-movie of a family’s vacation through Idaho. And guess who’s included? – the big beagle, of course! To see the movie go to www.greatidahogetaway.org

A 30-member film entourage and the family descended on Dog Bark Park in two motor homes for part of a day last June. The weather was perfect Idaho gorgeous and the cameras rolled while the adventurous family looked about & visited. This day was another example of the job benefits Dennis & I are grateful to enjoy – meeting new people and Coffee Pot at Sunsetthe new experiences that result.

New Outdoor Art

Last October’s newsletter included pictures of the giant Corning Ware-like coffee pot that we built in early 2009. Late last summer Dennis finished his second giant pop art installation for the year – oversized Alphabet Blocks!

They, like the coffeepot, are modeled after objects of yesteryear, in this case painted wooden alphabet blocks with raised letters and borders. These are a bit Close-up Concrete Blocksdifficult to stack or re-arrange since they’re made of concrete and each letter is 4-ft square!

Construction-wise, the blocks were a more challenging endeavor than building the giant coffeepot. Fashioning the wood forms needed for pouring the concrete so that the letters and borders protruded beyond the flat background surfaces of the concrete blocks was not quick or easy work. Additionally, it was no small feat to wrestle & secure the heavy bulky forms into position without having them tip over as the optical illusion suggests.

Oversize Alphabet Blocks

We’re not sure what big outdoor sculpture might be next. So far, we’re focused on preparing for the new concrete patio entryway – an on the ground rather routine project! No doubt, once that’s done we’ll be scratching the ground for another “fun” art project.

Customer Photos

These snapshots are from Dog Bark Park visitors and customers.We invite you to e-mail your favorite digital memories of a visit to Dog Bark Park or of your dog with its wooden companion. Be sure to include a little background info as well & we’ll post your pictures in a future newsletter.

  English residents - the Beagle Trio Maddie the Beagle Twins
Dylan dogs living in the United Kingdom Maddie's human parents - the Topps

Creating a Dog – the Process in Pictures

This series of photos illustrates the transformation of Idaho pine into a wooden dog. Apollo, a custom order was made to approximate the real dog by the same name.

We attempted to highlight the unique features of the furry Apollo that will best make our carved rendition recognizable.

We emphasized Apollo’s black eye patch, his alert ears and the overall mottled appearance of his coat.

Rounding Apollos Back

The dog begins to emerge

The dog begins to emerge

Rounding Apollos back

Working on Apollos back

Working on Apollos back

Giving Apollo a hip

Giving Apollo a hip

Apollo gets his first coat of paint.

The completed Apollo

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February 2009 Greetings

Dog Bark Park Inn Newsletter, Cottonwood, Idaho

In this newsletter:

Dog Bark Park Winter 2009Here on the Idaho prairie, shrinking snow cover and sightings of robins suggest Winter will soon be dancing with Spring. When snow showers do arrive we let the soft flakes kiss our faces. And when the wind blows everything into fantastic white formations we marvel at the new landscape. One of Sweet Willy’s ears blew up on the back of his head where it has remained crinkled & frozen, reminding us of a frisky puppy with ears turned inside out after an energetic romp! And in this photo we think Sweet Willy has been wagging his tail so energetically to stir up the clouds!

Spring Stay & Learn Packages

Soap MakingWe invite you to combine a stay at the big dog this spring with a fun one-day class. Want to know how to make bread or soap, do Dutch oven cooking, pick up some photography tips, do grant writing or make herbal salves & tonics? These are fun, informative & tasty activities we’ve teamed up with Lewis Clark State College to offer. The classes are held at different locations near Cottonwood. Some are just a few hours long while others are about full day. For class descriptions & dates see our website, www.dogbarkparkinn.com/stay_and_learn.html.

We’re Blogging

“What’s that”, we asked a couple years ago when seemingly the whole world was abuzz with this latest web communication tool. Another new fad we figured & left it at that. Like the advent of so many other innovations, blogging is here to stay and is truly as useful as having another gadget in the kitchen drawer.
(Speaking of handy kitchen gadgets, we were given one recently, a pair of tongs with flat silicon paddles for turning or lifting items from the frying pan or grill. We use them all the time now!)
And now we’re also splashing about in the world of blogging. Won’t you join us? We’ll be posting new blog articles to our website so catch us there if you’d like. The direct link is https://dogbarkpark.wordpress.com. Our blog articles aim to be informative descriptive vignettes of life and goings on at Dog Bark Park with entries made more frequently than this quarterly newsletter. Our past newsletters are also archived on the blog site as well.

Share your Photos

We invite you to share your Dog Bark Park photos with us for posting to our new Customer Photo Gallery, which we’ll feature in every newsletter. They can be images taken during a visit to Dog Bark Park or photos showing one of our wooden creations at its new home. Send photos to frances@dogbarkparkinn.com. Emma the Bassett

Here’s Emma the basset hound posing with our wooden hound at Dog Bark Park. Both appear to be asking Dorothy share the sandwich on her lap. Meanwhile, Dorothy is waving to a friend just beyond camera view. This photo is from Kimberly and Quincy who have been guests at Dog Bark Park, taking the Dutch oven cooking class last year during one of their visits.

Bojangles and Beagle

The real Bojangles meets his wooden beagle twin. This photo is from Nate in Nashville who has several of our wooden canines and is a long-distance Dog Bark Park friend. Perhaps one day he’ll travel to Idaho for us all to meet in person. Imagine Bojangle’s surprise to learn there’s a much larger beagle too!

In the Media & Trip Advisor

Sometimes it feels that a big beagle in Idaho wouldn’t be of interest to the giant media world out there. Amazingly, we’re finding the opposite to be true.

Three days before Christmas we logged onto the Internet via MSN.com and there was a photo of the big beagles announcing Dog Bark Park to be an MSN 2008 Top Travel Story of the Year!

A lengthy article appeared in the December issue of Tourism Review Magazine. In May, look for Dog Bark Park in National Geographic Kids & Country Living magazines. On the international front we’ve been contacted from editors in Cape Town South Africa, Germany, England, Hong Kong, Greece, Poland, Norway & Brazil for articles that will be appearing soon. Amazing that in a few computer keystrokes information is transmitted & then printed or distributed!

For those of you that have stayed at Dog Bark Park we invite you to post a review at the very popular TripAdvisor.com website. It is easy to do. Just log onto www.TripAdvisor.com, find the write a review tab & follow the instructions. Pictures can even be posted should you want to provide a snapshot of your stay. Thanks so much! Your referrals help introduce Dog Bark Park to others.
A recent customer comment: “I was really over the moon when I received my wooden dogs. Thanks so much for the smooth purchase & fast delivery.”…Anne


Although Dog Bark Park Inn B&B doesn’t open for guests until April, reservations for the spring and summer are coming in. We hope you’ll consider a visit, or return visit. Our rates are not changing this year. Idaho has always been known as an affordable destination for travel & we’re doing our part to keep it that way.

A guest’s message: “Thank you again for your great hospitality & making my parents feel truly at home at the Inn. American friendliness, openness & generosity seem to have fallen into oblivion in other parts of the world.”…Isabella, from Germany. 

Did you know Idaho is home to 3200 miles of whitewater, more than any other state in the lower 48? Idaho offers so much to experience including mountains to climb, trails to hike, lakes to fish. Whether it’s outdoor recreation or cultural & urban activities that are of interest, we hope you’ll take a break from it all and come out to play, learn, & visit in Idaho. We’re happy to suggest activities & itineraries; just be in touch.
Dog Bark Park Inn – Bed and Breakfast and World’s Biggest BeagleVisit our website: http://www.dogbarkparkinn.com

Email: frances@dogbarkparkinn.com
For Reservations 208-962-3647

Where being in the dog-house is a GOOD thing!

Fall 2008 Newsletter

Inside this newsletter:
Summer Summary
Fall/Winter 2-Dog Discount
Fish Sculpture
Product Updates/Availability
Recipe – Idaho Potato Wafers

We’re glad to be in touch with you again. This is the time of year when trees give their leaves to the wind like beautifully whispered dreams. Time when Dennis & I gather those whispered dreams to weave (or carve!) them into new creations.

Summer Summary

As the days shorten and temperatures drop Sweet Willy enters hibernation. Echoes dance within his walls of all who made him their home for a night or more this year.

Dog Bark ParkThis was Sweet Willy’s best year ever. Visitors arrived from England, Scotland, Wales, Denmark, Germany, China, Japan, Kenya, France, Canada, and from all across America. He has also enjoyed many on-line visitors, like many of you, from nearly every country and corner of the world. We enjoy your inquiries, friendships and visits, hoping your travels will bring you to Idaho again or to Idaho for the very first time.

Both Sweet Willy & Toby (the smaller dog) received new ears this summer. After nearly 10 years, their original ones finally weathered beyond what grooming could restore. By the way, did you know their ears are fashioned from outdoor carpeting? And they move with the breezes.
Our ambassador puppy, Walter, celebrated his 1st birthday in September. Even before he fully learned what his job would entail at Dog Bark Park, it was obvious the work would suit his personality. In fact, he still greets visitors with a bit more voice and wiggles than we think befit a distinguished canine statesman. His enthusiasm is delightfully infectious, however.

Fall/Winter 2-Dog Discount

Jack Russell TerriersAs a thank you for contributing to our great year at Dog Bark Park, we’re offering our 1st ever 2-Dog Discount Program. Here’s how it works:

– Order any 2 small-size carvings,
– That ship together to the same US address.
– Receive a $10 discount on the pair.
– Order on-line ( http://www.dogbarkparkinn.com/giftshop/index.html ) at full-price. We’ll promptly refund the $10 electronically via PayPal. Or; phone, mail, or e-mail your order, taking the discount immediately. 208 962-3647. frances@dogbarkparkinn.com. Our mailing address is at the end of this newsletter.
– Optional bonus! Add FREE personalization. We’re happy to hand-paint names on the dogs to
give your carvings a personal touch.
– Offer expires December 31, 2008.

Returning SculptureFish Sculpture

Every year we add a new outside art object at Dog Bark Park. This summer, Dennis dusted off a salmon fish model he’d designed several years ago, multiplied it ten-fold, and oversaw the fabrication of his fish in steel. Installed on a pedestal near our studio the giant fish, entitled Returning, pays tribute to the majestic Pacific Salmon. The sculpture will slowly weather from the grey color shown here to a rich rusty brown.
Product Updates/Availability

Sweet Willy a Noble UndertakingThere’s still time for holiday orders. We have a good selection of small dog carvings in stock for immediate shipping. We’re glad to gift-wrap and send directly to your gift recipient. Don’t forget the 2-Dog Discount!

Some newsletters ago we mentioned our souvenir book, Sweet Willy, a Noble & Absurd Undertaking – the Story of Dog Bark Park. The initial printing has sold out. We’ve expanded and updated the 2nd edition. It also includes more photos plus our most requested recipe, yummy Rhubarb Brown Sugar Muffins. Contact us if interested to Shirts and Hats from Dog Bark Parkorder since the book is not on our website yet.
We also have a limited number of this year’s edition of Dog Bark Park embroidered long and short-sleeve t-shirts. Phone or e-mail for colors and sizes. We’ll include a bonus packet of six Dog Bark Park postcards (2 designs) with each shirt order.

Recipe – Idaho Potato Wafers

When the weather cools we tend to use the oven more at our house. And, with an abundant harvest of Yukon Golds from Dennis’ potato garden, I devised this easy recipe a few weeks ago.

Idaho Potato Wafers
2-3 medium/large potatoes, well scrubbed & sliced into ¼” slices
Canola or olive oil
Sea salt, paprika, grated Parmesan cheese (all optional)
Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.
Spread about 1 tablespoon oil on a four-sided baking tray. Arrange potato slices on tray, turning each slice over to coat both sides. Leave space between each slice. Sprinkle on salt, paprika, or cheese, if desired. Bake about 15-20 minutes until potato wafers reach desired crispness & are slightly browned. Remove & serve right away! Any leftovers make good snacks!


Sweet Willy will open for guests next April. Meanwhile, we, along with lively Walter, and old kitty Miss Tibbs, are busy in the studio. We’ll enjoy the quieter days of fall and winter, sufficiently warmed by summer’s memories and the wood stove. A year’s worth of studio scrap wood, stored just outside the door, will keep us comfortable all winter. It’s a good life indeed!

Drop in if you’re passing by. Or drop in on-line. We’re always glad to hear from you. Thanks for a wonderful year. Enjoy the season. And let dreams whisper to you as the leaves fall!

Summer 2008 Newsletter


            Intro & Tidbits
            Walter Ambassador Pup – Update
            Come to the Dog for Summer/Fall FunZany & Sane Activity Ideas!
            Dog Bark Park Caps & Shirts – New!


Welcome, new friends, to our quarterly (more or less!) newsletter.  And hello again to all friends, visitors and wonderful Dog Bark Park customers.

We enjoy being in touch with you, whether it’s in person, on-line, telephone, or by mail.  We’ve finally graduated to high-speed Internet & with that we have a new address – frances@dogbarkparkinn.com.  Our original e-mail (dogbark@camasnet.com) expires July 1st.

Summer was slow to arrive this year.  Snowflakes fell on June 10th!  With lots of snow in the mountains yet to melt, our rivers will have plenty of water this summer.  If whitewater rafting is your passion, this is the year to try a leg or two, or all, of Idaho’s Whitewater Trail – www.IdahoWhitewaterTrail.com

Whitewater Rafting

Walter Rivers to raft, float, kayak, fish, swim or otherwise explore near Dog Bark Park include the Salmon, Snake, Clearwater, Lochsa & Selway.   Visit www.NorthCentralIdaho.info for more recreation info. 


Walter is now an energetic 9 month old.  Larger & more strong-willed than Luther, our previous golden, we’re enjoying his inquisitive and persistent nature.  He adores everyone and everything life presents.  He loves mud puddles, our bathtub, his wading pool (we call it the Hot Dog Pond) or any other water he can find.  Our new friends, the Hoblets from UK & NYC, introduced us to a wonderful grooming tool, the Furminator, which we use about daily in efforts to keep him tidy.


The big dog bed & breakfast has enjoyed many overnight guests so far this season.  We do have dates open in July, August, Sept and October.  Be in touch for availability.

Our rates are the same as last year – $92 double occupancy, which includes evening snacks, our plentiful breakfast selections, books, games, puzzles, and of course, the entire dog for your enjoyment!

Zany & Sane Activity Ideas

1. Take in a Drive-in Movie.  Any Fri, Sat or Sunday through mid-October.

It’s the Sunset Auto Vue in nearby Grangeville, Idaho.  One of a handful of
drive-ins remaining in the state.  The original 55-year old screen blew down this
winter in a windstorm and was rebuilt this spring.  We’re thrilled this
Americana tradition continues right here in rural Idaho!  Double feature PG or PG13 movies.

2. Jam’n in the Park.  Thursday nights in July (10,17,24,31) in City Park at nearby Craigmont, Idaho. Enjoy food, music & a summer’s evening on the prairie.  Bring your own musical instrument, or not, to join in a fun evening of all kinds of music.

3. Horseback Riding with a guide.  The 41 Ranch near Winchester, Idaho offers trail rides for all ages by the hour or day.  Miles of scenic trails of open and wooded terrain. Advance arrangements necessary.  A guest favorite!

Lentil Mascot4. There is such as thing as a Free Lunch!  At Craigmont’s St. Paul Lutheran Church.  July 31, August 28, Sept 25.  11:30-1:00.    While there, also visit the Ilo-Volmer Historical Society Museum located adjacent to City Park.  Interesting!        

5. National Lentil Festival, 20th Annual.  Pullman, WA.  August 23, 2008.  This is where all things lentil happen!  Lentil Pancake Breakfast, Lentil Parade, Lentil Cook-Off, Lentil Lane food court, Tour de Lentil 100k bike ride, Boards & Blades skate park competition, kids activities,
3 on 3 basketball, music, etc.  www.lentilfest.com

Winchester Lake Fishing6. Fishing Derby.  This annual derby on Sept 8th at beautiful Winchester Lake State Park is fun for all ages.  Located an easy 26 mile drive from Dog Bark Park, the small lake is open for fishing from shore and non-motorized water craft.

7. Combine Demolition Derby.  Yes, that’s right! Old combines elaborately decorated lumber about in an outdoor arena smashing into each other.  Last one running wins!  The action is close, dusty or muddy depending on the weather, and always an entertaining sight to behold.   Sponsored by the Nezperce, Idaho Lions Club.   A family fun event. Sept.  28, at the Lewis County Fairgrounds, Nezperce, Idaho.


Hats and CapsMany of you have asked for Dog Bark Park caps & they’re now here!  Two colors – taupe cotton twill w/green bill or taupe cotton twill w/ grey bill.  Adjustable metal back clasp.  One size fits all.   $15 includes shipping in US.


Green ShirtWe’ve also brought back our embroidered Dog Bark Park t-shirts.
Cotton Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve in Sage Green or Dusty Blue.  (Colors coordinate nicely with our caps.)  In Adult: S-M-L-XL.
Long Sleeve – $31, includes shipping in US
Short Sleeve – $29, includes shipping in US

These items are not in our website gift shop store.  To order please phone, mail, e-mail or send a PayPal order to frances@dogbarkparkinn.com.  Be sure to include a note with item desired and your postal address.  We can send to a gift recipient and include a gift card with your message.  Just let us know.

Have a wonderful summer!  We’ll be in touch again soon.  There’s always more news to share – even fish stories!


Spring 2008 Newsletter

New Puppy WalterStay & LearnUno the Beagle




Last fall we sadly reported our golden retriever Luther had died. We now have Walter, our new ambassador-in-training golden puppy. He’s quickly learning ambassador duties and eagerly welcomes your visits. Walter has enjoyed romping in the deep snows this winter and equally loves to rest near the studio woodstove.


Stay and Learn Spring Weekend Packages

We’ve teamed with Lewis-Clark State College (LCSC) to offer four Stay and Learn excursions. Stay one or more nights at our famous big dog & take a one-day personal enrichment class offered by LCSC community programs instructors. Check your calendar and then treat yourself to one of these weekend getaways of discovery, relaxation & enrichment. Class sizes are limited – book early!

Package 1Illuminate Your Life – A Candle Making Primer …………………………. Sat. 4/5/08

Candles brighten any space & make wonderful gifts. In this hands-on class
you’ll be guided step-by-step in the process of blending & crafting a candle.
By the end of this enjoyable class, you will take home your own specially

scented, colored, and molded candle, along with a mold and extra wax.
No minors please.

Location: St. Gertrude’s Monastery – Cottonwood, 3 miles from Dog Bark Park

Time: 9:30 am – 3:00 pm (lunch provided) Class Fee including supplies $ 45

Package 2Dutch Oven Cooking ………………………………………………………………….. Sat. 4/19/08

During this hands-on class, learn the basics of Dutch Oven cooking, from buying
and seasoning the ovens, through cooking. Bread, a main dish, and a dessert will
be prepared, with lunch to follow for participants! Minors are welcome.

Location: Pioneer Park – Grangeville, 15 miles south of Dog Bark Park

Time: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm (includes lunch) Class Fee including supplies $ 35

SoapmakingPackage 3Heavenly Scent – A Soap Making Primer Sat. 5/24/08

Create beautiful cold-process soap the way Grandma made it. Use updated
methods & ingredients, learn safety tips and how to compose your soap. Learn
how to mix, stir, fragrance, mold, and trim the finished product. Bring a towel,
long sleeve shirt, wooden spoon, candy thermometer & rubber gloves.

No minors please.
Location: St. Gertrude’s Monastery – Cottonwood, 3 miles from Dog Bark Park

Time: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm (lunch provided)

Class Fee including supplies $ 54

Package 4 Herbal Salves & Tonics ……………………………………………………………… Sat. 6/7/08

Local herbs can enhance your health and well-being. In this hands-on class
learn how you can benefit from their use in a setting where herbs & fruits of
the earth are revered and honored for their gifts to us. Students will make their

own salves and taste tonics. Field trip if weather allows. Minors are welcome.

Location: St. Gertrude’s Monastery – Cottonwood, 3 miles from Dog Bark Park

Time: 9:00 am – 2:30 pm (lunch provided) Class Fee including supplies $ 35

Reserve early – class sizes are limited. For booking or more information: phone Dog Bark Park, 208 962-3647 or e-mail us at dogbark@camasnet.com. Regular rates at Dog Bark Park apply, www.dogbarkparkinn.com/lodging.htm. We hope to hear from you soon! The dog, and enjoyable learning, await your discovery.


Uno the Beagle

Sweet Willy (that’s the pet name of the bed & breakfast beagle at Dog Bark Park) is proud to welcome another beagle to join him in worldwide fame. In February, Uno won the Best of Show at the annual Westminster Kennel Club AKC Dog Show in New York City. Sweet WillyHe made history by being the first beagle in the 132-year history of the prestigious show to win the top prize.

Sweet Willy has also enjoyed more fame – having been on AOL.com in November & featured in an award-winning documentary that recently aired on London’s Avalon TV. He’s been included in numerous travel publications & books, often making the cover shot; guess he’s just a pretty boy – or pretty unusual!


Some of you will remember the Dog Bark Park Recipe Contest held almost two years ago. Here’s another winning recipe, filling & warm from Tanny of Deary, Idaho. Because it uses lentils (they are grown on the Palouse Prairie not far from Dog Bark Park) she calls this recipe Lentili rather than Chili.

SpoonLENTILI3 cups water or chicken broth2 cups dried lentils

½ cup sliced/diced celery

1 cup sliced/diced carrots

1 medium-size can diced tomatoes

½ tsp powdered chicken bullion (or 2 cubes)

½ tsp black pepper

¼ cup chopped jalapeno pepper, optional (adds heat)

¼ cup white wine, optional

Put all in a big pot. After bringing to a boil turn down to simmer, cooking until lentils are soft (about 1 hour). Stir occasionally. Serve with crispy bread & a salad. Sipping a little more white wine or ginger ale with your Lentili is good too!


Recent Bark news:

Our UK friends may have seen us on More 4 TV airing of the award-winningAmerica Unchained documentary film. The film chronicles one man’s car
trip from coast to coast to see whether it is still possible to patronize only
independently owned gas stations, restaurants, motels & one beagle inn!

For more information visit www.DaveGorman.com. Hopefully the film will
soon show in America. A book by the same title releases in April.

A best-worst media occurrence hit in late November. Without any advance
notice an article about Dog Bark Park appeared on a front page of AOL.com.
A blizzard of holiday orders came in & miraculously we managed to get all
promised carvings off on time!

Tails are also wagging around here since the big dog is included in a coffee table book, Extreme Hotels, published in a tri-lingual edition by Tectum Publishers
of Belgium. The book is a journey to some of the world’s most unusual hotels and bed & breakfast inns.

Let us know if you run across news articles of Dog Bark Park. We’re keeping a giant scrap book!

The big dog opens for guests in April. We welcome your visit. Walter will be ready to greet you with tail wags! Enjoy the last days of winter as it transitions to spring.