Seeking info about vintage glass Scottie dog

what kind of candy did these hold?

Molded glass scottie candy holder, circa 1946 or so

Does anyone remember these little glass candy containers from around the mid 40’s or so?

They were sold as a novelty candy item. The candy was held inside the dog’s body with a cardboard bottom, presumably bearing the candy company’s information.

What kind of candy did they contain?    Can’t seem to find any info online.  And how much did this item cost?  We have two of these scotties.  The detail of the molded glass is quite remarkable, particularly for a novelty item. The head is turned and tilted slightly & the entire piece sparkles in the light.  Very lovely.

The dimensions are about 4″ long by 3″ high by 1-1/2 inches wide. 

Appreciate hearing from anyone that has more information.  Knowing the manufacturer would be helpful as well.  Thank you.

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