Spring activities at Dog Bark Park

Spring in Idaho involves all kinds of weather.  April at Dog Bark Park  has seen snow, been warm as summer, rained plenty, & also was just plain lovely with pleasant sunny days. 

Shockingly bright tulips

These red/orange tulips are especially shocking on recent overcast days. Their color shouts out for attention.

A few daffodils are the only other flowers in bloom right now.  Soon tulips will be showing their red and pink colors.  And we always welcome the tiny white or pink blossoms of our honeysuckle shrubs.  One small lilac bush will flower at about the same time.  Ah, spring!

On one of the summer-like days last week, Dennis was able to begin re-painting the big beagle.   He’s on a 20 foot ladder and will definetely not be there when the prairie winds are a’blowing.  In this photo he’s just finishing the dog’s black saddle.

Repainting Sweet Willy

 This is the first entire re-do of the dog’s coat since the original painting  ten years ago.  If time & the weather allows we plan to have the entire beagle refreshed before Fall arrives.  With one ladder and one gent it is not a quick weekend task that’s for sure.  I do plan to help paint the lower sections. One would think, after spending a few summers on high forest fire lookouts in the mountains, heights would not bother me….but that was a long time ago & time has a way of changing us!

Even ambassadors need a rest

Sprocket resting on his wooden gate

Mr. Sprocket, our golden retriever Dog Bark Park Ambassador-in-Training, takes a beauty rest from time to time while on the job.  It is his primary task to greet visitors at his wooden gate in the entryway between our office/giftshop and our carving studio behind him.  He will not cross the low wooden carving, usually standing there wagging his tail in an attempt to get visitors to step closer so he can receive proper greetings from them.  After that, and particularly when conversations between humans get too lengthy for his canine attention span, he’ll do just this – relax and take a snooze.

Seeking info about vintage glass Scottie dog

what kind of candy did these hold?

Molded glass scottie candy holder, circa 1946 or so

Does anyone remember these little glass candy containers from around the mid 40’s or so?

They were sold as a novelty candy item. The candy was held inside the dog’s body with a cardboard bottom, presumably bearing the candy company’s information.

What kind of candy did they contain?    Can’t seem to find any info online.  And how much did this item cost?  We have two of these scotties.  The detail of the molded glass is quite remarkable, particularly for a novelty item. The head is turned and tilted slightly & the entire piece sparkles in the light.  Very lovely.

The dimensions are about 4″ long by 3″ high by 1-1/2 inches wide. 

Appreciate hearing from anyone that has more information.  Knowing the manufacturer would be helpful as well.  Thank you.

All about German Shepherds

Here’s our first guest post to our Dog Bark Park blogs.  It is the next installment in our series about different dog breeds.

Chainsaw carved Shepherds

 Known worldwide as the best police, guard and military dog, the German Shepherd is also very dependable and loyal. I should know. My husband and I are huge fans of the breed, with two of our own. We’re also a volunteer foster family for our local German Shepherd rescue group. But first, more about German Shepherds:

Triple Guardians

 Through the efforts of Captain Max von Stephanitz at Karlsruhe, Germany (1899), the German Shepherd we know today came into our world. The German Shepherd evolved from herding and farm dogs, and first exhibited in American in 1907.The German Shepherd is consistently among the most popular dogs in the United States, coming in at #2 this year behind the Labrador Retriever. The German Shepherd Dog is a loving companion, a competent herder and typically excels in dog show competitions. While the German Shepherd has a reputation for being fearless, strong and muscular, this amazing dog is still approachable. The most common colors for a German Shepherd are black and tan, but many colors –including all black and all white—are possible.

I can vouch for the “loving companion” label! All the German Shepherds we’ve had the pleasure to own and foster touch our hearts in ways we never imagined, and growing up, both my husband and I have had a variety of pooches. Fostering German Shepherds has been one of the greatest joys of our life together.



Most likely, there’s a non-profit group near you that’s devoted solely to rescuing and finding forever homes for your favorite breed. We’ve been a foster family for almost five years, and I highly recommend it! Not only do you get the deep satisfaction of giving a wonderful, sweet dog the chance to love and be loved for a lifetime, you also have the extreme pleasure of getting licked and nuzzled and cuddled by these four-legged “fur kids”  until they join their new family.

 Do we become too attached?  Is it hard to let them go?  Yes and no. Because we’re ardent dog people, we treat every pooch that comes through our home like it’s our own, and, of course, we grow to love them. We also know that if we keep too many dogs (both of ours are rescues we simply couldn’t part with,) we wouldn’t have the room to take any more fosters, and we don’t ever want to lose the indescribable joy we feel when we find a foster the perfect family and forever home. Try it. You’ll love it!

 Susan Hawkins is a writer for Max & Mittens, an online pet supplies store specializing in healthy treats, boutique-quality designer dog clothes, small-dog clothes, designer collars for both cats and dogs and boutique-style pet toys. She lives with her husband Jim and “fur kids” Zoey and Oz.

Let us know how you liked this article.  Should we have more guest writers?

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