Apple Gourd Birdhouse

Sometimes Dennis & I are asked if we ever get tired of creating our chainsaw-carved dogs.  And our answer is always ” no, we enjoy making them.”  That doesn’t mean carving is our only artistic activity.

Among other things, we enjoy photography, writing, designing & building outlandish (at least in some people’s views, not ours though!) outdoor sculptures, some of which have been showcased in previous blog posts.

Here’s Apple Gourd Bird House we made a few weeks ago.

Gourd Bird House

Until two summers ago we didn’t know there was a gourd variety called Apple Gourd.  We purchased one of these striking deep green apple-shaped gourds at a local farmer’s market.  After letting the gourd dry and sit neglected for more than a year we cleaned it up, drilled a hole to empty the innards, and painted it apple red.  Voila, a pretty decorative birdhouse, complete with green stem and bird on the perch! 

We’ve found a seed source for the gourds and plan to grow our own apple gourds this summer.  Hopefully we’ll have a successful crop for more creative exploration using the dried results.  Stay tuned….

Meanwhile, this one gourd birdhouse is available for purchase.  $38, includes shipping in continental US.  The gourd is about 7 inches in diameter and apx 8 inches high.  We will sign it and send with it a few apple gourd seeds for planting.

3 Responses

  1. Nice Post! I am looking for Decorative bird houses can you please provide some relevant info regarding it.

  2. Great Apple. I am trying to make my own gourd birdhouses to sell on my website at Tried my first one last week and used a wood drill bit to drill the hole and split the gourd wide open. At least I have the seeds to plant next year. Looks like I am going to need some practice. If you would like to sell some of your gourd birdhouses on my website drop me an email.

  3. Ummmm… listen i don’t mean to be sarcastic or disrespectful but when you cut open your apple gourd to cleaned it out discarding the contents in the process you likely threw away around 400 plus viable seeds , and at 2.50 us per pack of 10 (the average going rate) well you get the idea , i’ve been planting gourds for years and seldom buy seeds unless its a variety i don’t have or cant get get from a friend for little or nothing .. just saying 😉

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