More lesser known Dog Breeds

Where we are in rural Idaho the most common dogs include labradors, border collies, cattle dogs, german shepherds, golden retrievers & other hunting or ranch working dogs.

Here, we’ll explore three lesser known dogs.

Sealyham Terrier

Sealyham Terrier in Wood

The Sealyham dog breed was developed in the mid 1800’s by a Capt. John Owen Tucker Edwardes of Sealyham, Wales.  This dog was bred to hunt badgers, foxes & other vermin.  With its short legs and terrier tenacity, the Sealyham is less than a foot tall and sports a wiry weatherproof outer coat.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu in Wood

This breed was established in Japan.  The Shiba Inu, a small 20-30 lb dog possessing a keen disposition & talent, is often compared to Japanese pepper – spicy.  Shiba Inu literally mean small dog.  The Shiba is an agile hunter of ground birds and small game.  They are quick, catlike in their cleanliness & often aloof to strangers.

Wire Fox Terrier

Wire Fox Terrier in Wood

With origins from Great Britain dating to the 1700’s, this terrier has remarkable eyesight, a keen nose & durability making it a favored hunting dog .  Today they also make a good alarm or watchdog if given an outlet for their exuberant energy.  The Fox Terrier has a hard wiry outer coat which combined with the usual tri-colors gives them a dapper & personable appearance attractive to many dog enthusiasts.  Like most terriers, firm & fair training is necessary for this dog to be successful with its humans.

Some Lesser known Dog Breeds

Last time we wrote about two Top 10 Lists of the most popular dogs at Dog Bark Park and as registered with the American Kennel Club.  Now we’d like to mention a few breeds not as well known.

Weimaraners in Wood



The Weimaraner’s ancestry is from Germany where it is still favored as a versatile gun dog.  Because of its blueish grey coat this breed is often called the Grey Ghost.  The color was a challenge for us to replicate, but now we’ve found a painting technique that closely resembles the Weimaraner’s striking color.

Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terrier in Wood - dark grey

With origins from Scotland, this little dog owes its name & existence to piles of rocks erected to identify a boundary or mark a grave.  Called cairns, these rock piles became favored hiding places for ground animals.  Hence the need for a small game terrier that could roust out the vermin.

Cairn Terrier in Wood - wheaten coloration


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in Wood - Blenheim

Such a long name for a small companion dog!  The Cavalier generally comes in three colorations:

Blenheim – Chestnut red & white.

Tri-Color – Black & white with rich tan markings over eyes, at cheeks & lower legs.

Ruby – Rich red over the entire body.

President Ronald Reagan brought notoriety to the Cavlier by often having a Blenheim on his lap during photo shoots.

2009 Top 10 Dog Breeds – AKC & DBP compare Lists

Recently the American Kennel Club announced America’s most popular dog breeds for 2009.  The Labrador Retriever maintained its #1 spot while the German Shepherd moved into second place. Next in line are Yorkie, Golden Retriever, Beagle, Boxer, Bulldog, Dachshund, & Poodle with the Shih Tzu rounding out the top ten.

At Dog Bark Park the list of top 10 looks a bit different. 

Topping our list of best sellers is, can you guess it?, the BEAGLE!

Best Seller at Dog Bark Park - The Beagle

Chainsaw Canines

Our Top 10 List 

1. Beagle

 2.Labrador Retriever

 3.Golden Retriever


 5.Bernese Mtn Dog


                                                                                                                 7.Siberian Husky




Chainsaw Sheltie

Chainsaw Schnauzer

Next time we’ll reveal some of our least requested dog breeds – all lovingly created, just not as popular as our Top 10.                                               




Quick video tour of Dog Bark Park

Last Fall a videographer on assignment for the Purina Company spent most of a day visiting & filming at Dog Bark Park.  Here’s the link to view the recently released footage:  Purina PetCentric TV.   We hope you will enjoy a quick tour of our carving studio and the big beagle bed & breakfast

Nearly 45,00o people have viewed the video since it appeared on Purina’s website two weeks ago.  We’ve enjoyed receiving  phone calls and e-mails from dog lovers everywhere. 

Adding wooden dogs to our kennel

Our studio is crammed with dogs in all breeds and states of completion as we are working on the many orders received.  We’re also re-stocking our gift shop shelves for the busy summer season that will be here before long.