New approach to the New Year

What happens to all those good intentions made as New Year Resolutions?  So often, plans to shed some weight, rid the clutter, walk the dog more, clean out closets, etc simply dissipate as the New Year no longer feels so new anymore.  Before we know it we’re back in the same rut we thought would soon be history.

Well, at Dog Bark Park, Dennis & I have declared 2010 to be the year our good intentions happen.  Wisdom says we most likely won’t complete every goal. To-do lists are always longer than time or energy available.  This year we plan to not fret about that fact.

Instead, we’re selecting the most pressing, or most appealing projects, and starting on them right away.  We no longer will wait for that big chunk of time to throw ourselves into the task to get it done in one burst of activity.  Even if only 5 or 10 minutes at a time is all we have to clear a decade of clutter in the office we’re proceeding.  Slow but steady attention will get the job done!  And how good does that feel?! 

Here’s our progress so far:

Freshly painted and cleaned gallery/giftshop

1.  Last week we cleaned, repainted, & re-arranged one section of our studio giftshop at a time working a couple hours each day.

By Friday afternoon we had a sparkling shop and that wonderful feeling of accomplishment.  Bonus result was the job got done without utterly exhausting ourselves which would have happened had we attempted the entire re-do in one day. 

Fresh Snow Outside, Fresh Paint Inside

2.  Without a chunk of time lengthy enough to assist a family member who has a life altering disease and lives nearly an entire continent away from Idaho what can be done to help?  If time most days doesn’t allow for long phone conversations or writing lengthy letters it certainly doesn’t allow frequent trips to be there in person.
My 2010 solution has been to make frequent but brief phone calls. And to send several cheery postcards each week.  Bonuses are pretty obvious!
3.  How to get more exercise?  How to find the time to do more training with our energetic one-year old Dog Bark Park ambassador dog, Sprocket?  Solution again uses the slow & steady approach.  Walking Sprocket at least once a day working on his leash etiquette combines with working on my fitness goals at the same time.  Again, there’s rarely time for nice long walks.  I don’t care!  Some walking & training is better than none isn’t it?  Already we’re both making progress.
During another short clean-out session Sprocket even got involved.  He played his way to the trash can with a worn-out lawn chair as recorded in these silly images.

Headed to the Trash Bin


Sprocket Taking the Trash Out!

Stay tuned for more progress reports.  And send us your tips and experiences for making your resolutions reality!