Sneak preview of sane & zany Dog Bark Park

Visitors to our studio and giftshop often remark about the one-of-a-kind creations found there & which are not available on our website.  Here, in our continuing blog series, are a few more.  Enjoy the tour!

Chainsaw Carved Retro Sneakers

These retro sneakers have that well-worn look without the well-recognized odor!

Large: 14″ x 5.5″ x6″ $68.50 Free Shipping

Medium:10″ x 4.5″ x 5″ $ 54.85 Free Shipping

A name or short message can be inscribed on the shoe at no/charge.

We carved a 4-foot long sneaker of this style a few years ago for display in our outdoor sculpture gallery.  It is now owned by a folk art collector in California.  The original big shoe weighed nearly 200 lbs!

The Collage Poster

These snapshots presented in collage format are a few of the visual experiences to be found when visiting Dog Bark Park in Idaho.  Meet bicycle boy Rodney, fuzzy faced Sprocket, flag face, and more. 

Poster details:  12″ x 18″ glossy.  Signed. $11.95 unframed.  Free Shipping. 

The Famous Lewis & Clark dog in dugout

Chainsaw-carved replicas of that famous Newfoundland of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, Seaman.  Purchased by Meriwether Lewis for the Expedition, Seaman was an important food gatherer, protector, & ambassador for the Corps of Discovery.

Seaman w/Dugout Details:  Dugout apx 12″x2.5″x2.5″.  Seaman apx 6″x2″x5″.  Choice of standing or sitting Seaman.  Hangtag about Seaman’s place in history with the Corps of Discovery Expedition of 1804-1806.  $29.  Free Shipping. 

Dog Bark Park is located in country travelled by Lewis & Clark.  We enjoy telling the story of the dog through our artwork and in skit format which has taken us to ceremonies at Monticello on the very day 200 years ago (in 2003) that Pres. Jefferson authorized the expedition!  And, we still enjoy sharing Seaman’s fascinating story.

Stay tuned for more blog visits of our studio.

Images of Thanksgiving

There are all kinds of reasons to pause a moment at Thanksgiving to not only reflect about the bounties enjoyed in America and the world but the beauty that surrounds us each day if only we take the time to see it.

Yesterday we enjoyed brief moments of an unusual sunset on the eve of Thanksgiving.   Rainbow is in the eastern sky and halo cloud to the west.

Sunset Magic over Idaho's big Beagles

Thanksgiving Eve sunset over Dog Bark Park's giant CoffeePot

 And today, following a scrumptious Thanksgiving breakfast of Idaho skillet potatoes, fried eggs and maple bacon prepared by Dennis, our 11 month old puppy Sprocket patiently awaits the next special meal of the day.

Breakfast's over - when's the turkey?




Aah, it’s a splendid life.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Awesome Gifts of art for the holidays

When another gift card, sweater, tie or toy doesn’t seem right, consider some whimsical art from Idaho.   Over the next few weeks we’ll be showcasing some of our unusual & very limited creations available for prompt shipping. 

Chainsaw carved pencil

Pencil dimensions: 23″ long x 2 1/2″ diameter.  Weighs apx 3 lbs.   Carved of Idaho pine.  Free personalizaiton of a name, date or short message can be painted along the shank of the pencil.   Free shipping in continental US.  Price: $49.  Qty available:  1 only.  To order: phone or e-mail us.   A giant yellow pencil similar to this one hangs in our studio as a reminder, Dennis says, “that it often takes a big pencil to record big thoughts.”  Without his giant yellow pencil perhaps the big beagle would not have been built!

Part of the fun of gift giving is to totally surprise and amaze the recipient with a present selected especially for them.  A present that shows you’ve spent time in choosing the perfect gift. 

The Chainsaw Carved Trout

Until now, only visitors to our Dog Bark Park studio and gift shop were able to purchase our one-of-a kind creations.  Check our web blog frequently during  the next several weeks to see more items that just may be that special gift.


This fish is something to brag about!  It’s 40″L x 4″W x 16″H – a keeper for sure.  Apx 12 lbs. May be suspended using the attached hooks, or hung flat against a wall or building.  The tail curves outward.  Back of the fish is flat and plain wood.  Signed & dated by the artist, Dennis Sullivan.  Free shipping in continental US.  Price: $135. Qty available: 1 only.  To order: phone or e-mail us please.

Of course, our signature dog carvings can be ordered directly from our web store.  We have many breeds on our shelves ready to ship at a moment’s notice.  We’re happy to gift wrap and send directly to a gift recipient at no additional charge.

Brr! Winter has arrived along with Holidog orders.

Snowy beagles

Wintery Idaho

What a surprise to wake up to a scene like this yesterday! Fortunately, our last guests for the 2009 season saw better weather than this a couple of weeks ago.
The big beagle is now hibernating & will awaken to greet overnight visitors in April.

Using wood scrap for heat, we’re warm & busy in our carving studio making holidogs for holiday orders.  A dozen airedales will be shipping to Florida next week. 

Ponderosa Pine Airedales

Chainsaw Carved Airedales

Beagles are going to the United Kingdom, Arizona, New York and who knows where else!  Saint Bernards,

Brass license tag & neckerchief included w/each carving

Handpainted Saint Bernard

Newfies, Labradors & Golden Retrievers will also be holiday gifts for dog lover’s in other locations.  And more orders keep arriving.

There’s still plenty of time to select that special dog for the holidays; small carvings take less than two weeks for us to create.  We have many different dog breeds completed & ready for immediate shipping.  Feel free to phone us for availability.

DogBarkPark studio carvings

Sampling of Dog Carvings

Left to right & top to bottom: scottie, westie, 2 springers, yellow lab, boston terrier, howling beagle, sheltie, chocolate lab, springer, sitting westie, begging scottie, german shephered, black lab, pug, schnauzer, jack russell, cocker spaniel, beagle, siberian husky, boxer, akita, rottweiler, boxer, dalmatian, schnauzer, boston terrier, sniffing beagle, labrador, standing beagle.  Many more breeds are available.  Visit our web gallery for photos and a complete listing of breeds.
We’re happy to send a carving directly to your gift recipient.  Gift certificates are another option for that special someone.