Puppy Lover’s Poem

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Golden puppy Sprocket

We just re-discovered this poem written by D. Lyman whose family stayed at Dog Bark Park two summer’s ago. Our puppy, now 10 months old and 75 pounds heavy looks mostly like a grown golden retriever, yet he’s still very much a puppy in spirit & has not tired of chasing butterflies or birds.

My Puppy

His gentle puppy breath, so warm and skunky sweet.
Paws that trip and stumble over everything they meet.
Liquid eyes, not quite focused, filled with purest trust.
And when he sleeps, sweet puppy dreams, legs that kick and thrust.

Sometimes he’s slow to understand, but he only wants to please.
It’s just his mind that wanders after everything he sees.
A bird or butterfly, each a strange and new delight.
And every blowing leaf is a challenge to a fight.

His body trembles with excitement each time I speak his name.
A harsh word from my mouth fills his heart with grief and shame.
Every moment I’m away is a lifetime in his mind.
A more selfless love, a truer friend, I will never find.

While writing this blog our puppy Sprocket has finished a favorite activity, shredding a cardboard box into tiny pieces scattering them throughout the house of course! Job completed, he’s now napping on the cool tile floor until some other enticing play opportunity catches his fancy.

Idaho Leaves will be Falling Soon

While our maple leaves are turning crimson & gold,  temperatures are falling from crisp to cold.   Record lows are forecast for the next few nights. At Dog Bark Park today’s high was only 36.  With winter coats &  bright sunny skies the day was pleasant though for tending to outside Fall chores. 

Here’s hoping our Halloween jack o’lantern won’t be seeing any snows like this for awhile.

Grinning no matter what the weather!

Grinning no matter what the weather!






Here’s an interesting recipe for preserving the color of Fall’s fleeting foliage. Here’s how: 

1. Pick small branches when leaves are in their fall prime & right away place stems into water.

2. Boil one part liquid glycerin (available from pharmacies) and two parts water for about 10 minutes.  Remove from heat & let the solution cool.

3. Remove branches from water and pick off curled or damaged leaves.

4.  Mash the stems with a hammer.  This will increase absorption of the glycerine solution.  Or, use a sharp knife to cut length-wise slits in the stems. 

5. Stand stems in the solution and place container in a dark, cool place for a few weeks for the solution to be absorbed.  In a couple of weeks you should be able to feel it on the leaves.  Remove branches from the solution & wipe leaves with a soft cotton cloth.  Place in pretty containers or scatter across a table top or mantle.  Note: colors may deepen somewhat over time.  Enjoy the leaves for several seasons.

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Scarecrow Canine makes Appearance

It’s Fall, the air is crisp, harvest on the prairie is completed & out come scarecrow decorations in Cottonwood, including a special one at Dog Bark Park.

Scarecrow Guard Dog on Duty

Scarecrow Guard Dog on Duty

This Saint Bernard-ish lady scarecrow has a chainsaw carved head, wood shavings stuffed body, dog bone necklace & cheerily waves to passersby.   

Stay away crows & cats - Humans are welcome!

Stay away crows & cats - Humans are welcome!

 Scarecrows decorate downtown & around town in Cottonwood each Fall.  This year the Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce will name a Best of the Best Scarecrow, awarding the winning creator some chamber dollars to spend locally.  Each day more decorations appear in town as the calendar ticks closer to Halloween.