Thoughts on an Idaho Summer

What’s great about Summer in Idaho?   Abundant sunshine.  Blue skies.  The slow turn of prairie & canyon lands from green to amber.  Short mosquito season.  Warm breezes, open windows.  Visitors arriving from all over.  Fresh local fruits & vegetables.  Hanging laundry outdoors in the fragant dry air.  A full palette of outdoor activity options.  Catching the stillness of the very moment when the summer sun sets.  These are just a few reasons to celebrate summer in Idaho!

Enjoy summer with us through this sampling of images.  Better yet; come visit & experience Idaho yourself!

Flag Face

Flag Face

Sprocket, our golden retriever pup, walks with us every morning to put out this flag.  When younger than his now rather grown-up age of six months, he used to bark at the face .  This photo was taken shortly before the 4th of July.

Bicycle Boy Rodney

Bicycle Boy RodneyMeet Rodney, our perpetual wooden biker kid! He rides out every morning to the grassy bank near the road. There, in his own innocent way, he reminds speedy drivers to slow down as they enter town. Then, at day's end he rests in our studio/giftshop until we arrive next day. Sage plant in bloom

 We were given a small sprig of sage a few years ago & now it has taken over the rock birdbath sharing space with it on a log pedestal.  Hummingbirds even found the lush blooms attractive this summer.  Visitors to Dog Bark Park are welcome to take a clipping  home for their gardens as a remembrance of Idaho.


August Rainbow over Dog Bark Park
August Rainbow over Dog Bark Park

And on a warm dusty dog day in late August, a special rainbow may just about take your breath away!  The magic of the moment.  It’s Idaho.

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