Puppy Update

It has been quite awhile since we’ve written about Sprocket, our puppy ambassador at Dog Bark Park

Sprocket at 2 months

Sprocket at 2 months

He’s a cheerful Golden Retriever and thinks every visitor to Dog Bark Park  has come to see him!

Some of my playthings at the stuidio

Some of my playthings at the stuidio

And of course he is curious and playful towards everything.



In the driver's seat

In the driver's seat

Here’s Sprocket now at 3 months old loving to ride

Wet faced
Wet faced

 in the truck.  Shown here waiting for Dennis to return.

And here he is a few weeks later wet from playing at the outdoor faucet on a warm April day.
There is not a person or animal that Sprocket doesn’t instantly like.  He quite patiently sits behind the low gate between our gift shop and carving studio, hoping every vistor will deliver a pat on the head and perhaps a small treat for the hungry pup.
When we are running our chainsaws he sleeps in a narrow space behind a door where he can keep and eye & ear alert to the comings and goings of Dog Bark Park.    More photos soon…. he is now 5 months old & looking like a teenage canine for sure!

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