Dog Bark Park is a Staycation Destination

Staycations,  a vacation taken in your own community or region, are popular this year.  One thing about travel is certain;  Americans like to vacation.  We’ll give up other things in our family budget before giving up a few days or weeks away from home. 

This year many families are choosing staycations for economic reasons while others are taking staycations on purpose.

We’re wanting to explore around the corner from our own backyards.  We want to feel connected to our communities & understand again, or for the first time,  what makes where we live truly special.

Staycations save money, reduce stress by eliminating the complications of long-distance vacations, and they can be tremendous fun.  We can enjoy the adventure of discovering unknown places & experiences right around the corner from where we live.   Staycations include staying in a motel, campground or bed & breakfast just like a regular vacation.  Instead of spending hours driving or flying, the days can be spent exploring  the backroads, museums, shops, parks, etc your family has always said they’d like to do someday.  There’s time to try  new or different restaurants.  Time to watch the sun go down over a river, time to take in a play at that community theatre.  Time & budget to find the perfect staycation souvenir

Dog Bark Park was featured as a Staycation Destination last week on KLEW TV.    Here’s the short video clip.

We’d love to hear about your own staycation vacations. 

KLEW TV Staycation Destination

KLEW TV Staycation Destination

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