World’s Biggest Beagle has its own Fire Hydrant

Except for those who have visited Dog Bark Park, few know that an oversized red fire hydrant stands near the World’s Biggest Beagle. Of course a giant dog needs a giant fire hydrant! At 11 feet tall & painted fire engine red, the hydrant is hard to miss. It is as popular a backdrop for photographs as the big beagle. Not to be solely ornamental in purpose, during the summer months many are relieved to discover the hydrant is a comfort station serving human roadside travelers with an enclosed restroom inside its walls. Like the big beagle, we designed & built the hydrant ourselves. During research about hydrant designs we came across a fascinating book that pays tribute to the variety of sizes, shapes & colors of America’s fire hydrants. With artistic photography & concise prose, the book, American Hydrant by Sean Crane, 2004, elevates the lowly fire hydrant from basic necessity to an object that interestingly melds form & function.

Rather than being an exact replica of a particular design, the Dog Bark Park fire hydrant is a composite of several well-recognized hydrant shapes. It is constructed of steel reinforced concrete stucco & painted the customary fire engine red color. During winter, the hydrant is used for lawn/garden equipment storage. In December, an 8-foot tall Santa stands in the doorway waving holiday greetings to all.

Already circulating in our minds is the creation of a concrete version of the fireman’s dog, a Dalmatian, to be permanently on display near the fire hydrant. Seems fitting doesn’t it?

Santa waving from hydrant

Santa waving from hydrant

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  1. THATS NOT A REAL BEAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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