Updates & Idaho Special Olympics


Winter Notes & Idaho hosts Special Olympics Winter Games

Winter has been gentle at Dog Bark Park recently. Snowdrifts have receded to a thin frosty blanket. Abundantly sunny days draw us to the south side of our studio where we point our faces to the sun, absorbing its warming dose of Vitamin D. Gatherings of starlings punctuated with a few brave robins have scratched & fed under a sprawling wild rose bush nearby.

All our holiday orders were carved and mailed in time for wooden puppies to be under Christmas trees from Maine to Montana, Florida to California & overseas as well. We do appreciate the opportunity to have been a part in making memorable holiday gift-giving moments. Our workshop studio feels a bit like we imagine Santa’s workshop to be. Certainly Dennis, like Santa, has a head of white hair!

We welcome the relaxed pace in the studio following our busy season that runs April to December. We’re working on various orders for our retail & wholesale customers as well as beginning to carve up a good inventory of dogs for summer business. We’ve just sent an order of dogs to a shop in Sun Valley, Idaho in time for the influx of Special Olympics Winter Games athletes, coaches, & families that will be arriving for the games to be held there, & in other Idaho locations, in early February. Idaho is proud to be hosting this international event that will bring several thousand competitors from all over the world. When you see photos of the 2009 Winter Games you will be seeing Idaho!

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