Inside Scoop about our Carving Studio

Blog article –  Inside Scoop about our Carving Studio

‘Tis the time of year at Dog Bark Park when Dennis & I are busy as elves in our studio carving and painting puppies that will be holiday presents for folks near and far.  With our bodies warmed by the nearby woodstove and our red ear protectors snuggly affixed atop our heads, the chainsaws whirr while classical music on NPR or country music from the local station plays as we work.  Miss Tibbs, our studio cat, sleeps curled in her warm nest by the stove.  All we’re missing is our beautiful golden retriever Walter, who, until last week, also positioned himself near the fire’s heat.  Sadly, he succumbed to a genetic disorder that took him from us while still a pup, only 14 months old. As all who have loved their dogs will understand, we still feel him everywhere as our hearts & daily routines begin to adapt.  That so many of the canines we’re creating for our customers will be remembrances for others to enjoy of their special pet dogs, we feel less alone in our sadness and appreciation for the companion we called Walter.


Both Dennis and I work on every canine created in our studio.  We each do a portion of the chainsaw work on the small-size dogs (they display nicely on a desk, windowsill or shelf).  Being the senior carver (more years experience, and, he is a little older too!), Dennis fashions the head and tail portion of each dog.  I then carve the in-between parts and make the final shaping and finishing marks to the dogs.  The process works better on the large-size carvings (these guys are big enough to be floor or deck sitters) for Dennis to carve the whole dog himself.  Then I take over by engraving in the eyes and nose followed by giving the dog a good brushing and light burning from a propane torch to prepare the wood for painting.  We both paint the dogs, sometimes using spray paints that are then followed by several layers of hand painting.  Before each dog leaves our studio it receives a brass license tag and red neckerchief to signal it’s an authentic Dog Bark Park creation.



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